Top 4 Water Sports You Should Try at the Jersey Shore in 2017

With an unemployment rate that is about a third higher than the national average and a foreclosure rate more than three times the national rate, Cape May and Atlantic counties, still managed to generate the most tourism dollars in 2016, accounting for more than 31% of New Jersey’s $41.9 billion in direct tourism sales.

Jersey Shore’s clean beaches, which attract millions of tourists every year, are major contributors to the state’s tourism sales. Tourists not only love to take brisk strolls along the beach, they also visit to take part in a wide range of water sports. Also, when they are in the region, many prefer to opt for vacation rentals on the shore, rather than hotels, for a longer and more memorable stay, observes the team at Donnelly Real Estate Group.

Here is a list of five water sports that you should try during your stay at the Jersey Shore.

Top 4 Water Sports Activities

  1. Surfing: The Jersey Shore has been a popular surfing destination for water sports lovers for more than a century now. The reason this area is so desirable is that the climate is just right, staying sunny for most part, with good waves in the ocean, throughout the year. However, it is during the summer months when you can head to Wildwood, Ocean City, Seaside Heights and the metropolis of Atlantic City.

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  2. Kayaking: Due to the numerous advantages over motorized vehicles, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, which do not need engine maintenance and fuel, are growing in popularity here. Water enthusiasts love to paddle these vessels to get exclusive access to shallow lakes and rivers, to enjoy nature at its best.

  3. Parasailing: Now it’s time to get ready for some high-flying thrill, while enjoying panoramic views of the region. Nothing is more delightful than parasailing 500 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, taking in the beautiful views of the Jersey Coastline.

  4. Surf Fishing: For all non-swimmers, surf fishing could be an excellent way to build memories of the Jersey shore. All you need is a fishing rod between 7 feet and 18 feet long and some bait while you wade in the surf.

If you are thinking of making your way to this place to enjoy these thrilling water sports, it is best to look at New Jersey Shore vacation rentals for a memorable vacation.