Feel Safe: A Lifeguard is Always Around at the New Jersey Shore

According to an article on NJ.com, lifeguards from Monmouth County earned the top honor at the National Lifeguard Championship in Daytona Beach, FL, leaving behind nearly 1,000 lifeguards from around the country, for the second time in four years. The competition has been held by the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) for the last 29 years.

Monmouth county is a gateway to the Jersey shore, consisting of more than 50 miles of beaches, ensuring prime real estate. Tourists visit this amazing area to explore its nationally recognized parks, historic sites, and night life, as well as swimming and water sports.

Other than Monmouth, the Jersey Shore area includes Middlesex, Ocean, Atlantic, and Cape May counties. All of these are well-equipped with men and women who work hard to keep an eye on the water and the countless swimmers and water sports enthusiasts, ensuring that every single person in and near the water stays safe.

Responsibilities of a Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard is not as easy or as glamorous as Baywatch makes it out to be! Lifeguards need to work long hours to maintain the safety of the patrons in and around swimming pools and oceans. They are expected to handle all incidents in an appropriate manner, for which they are trained.

It is due to their intensive training that lifeguards in Manasquan were able to rescue more than 14 swimmers, amidst rough ocean conditions caused by the strongest hurricane of the season so far, Hurricane Gert.

During such extreme weather conditions, the state authorities make the lifeguards, who usually take off from their duty around 6 pm, stay on later than normal at their posts.The lifeguards at the New Jersey Shore believe in proactive, rather than reactive, approaches to life-threatening situations. This means that their first attempt is always to keep people from getting into dangerous positions in the first place.

How is a Lifeguard Chosen for the New Jersey Shore?

To serve as a lifeguard at the New Jersey Shore, an applicant needs to prove his/her physical abilities in a two-mile run and 500-meter swim. They are given 18 minutes for the run and 10 minutes to complete the swim; the best 15 to 20 guards are hired in each selection process.

After the selection, the hired lifeguards undergo physical training, which includes tasks like swimming, running and rowing.

The lifeguards in New Jersey are so dedicated to their job that no matter how their previous day or night went, they return to their job everyday, leaving behind their own worries to save lives.

This is a major contributing factor that attracts millions of tourists every year to the Jersey Shore and its real estate, especially Monmouth County, says an expert at Donnelly Real Estate Group.

So, when are you planning your trip to the Jersey Shore?