Enjoy Mini Golf at the Jersey Shore on Your Next Vacation

Are you planning your next vacation? Have you considered the Jersey Shore? If you are done with all those high-tech arcade games and flashy thrill rides, it’s time for you try your hand at a new sport – miniature golf! No, don’t roll your eyes. The Jersey Shore is loaded with mini-golf courses that offer a great sporting experience for anyone who doesn’t want to spend their entire day walking outside!

According to Mini Golf Creations, visitors of all age groups are welcomed all year round. Here, there are mini golf courses that offer low cost equipment and small amounts of staff, which is profitable in business terms too. Experts at Donnelly Real Estate add that at Point Pleasant Beach, mini golf courses have significantly aided the real estate market. Now, more and more people are looking for vacation home rentals near mini golf courses at the Jersey Shore.

Mini Golf, a game that has kept countless friends, families, couples and co-workers united for generations, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. In earlier times, mini golf was played outdoors, where grinning clowns and spinning windmills were the main features. Now, the newer generation of miniature golf is called “putt-putt.” It is played indoors, in complete darkness, where the player is guided by fairways and backlit figures.

How Miniature Golf is Different

Mini golf has evolved from the original sport of golf and is much easier to play than its parent game. When compared to 17% of players who enjoy playing the quite expensive game of golf, 44% accept that they enjoy playing its lighter version, miniature golf, according to a golf survey published by Aytm.com.

Similar to regular golf, mini golf too is played on courses consisting of a series of holes that are usually a multiple of 9 and are kept within a distance of 10 yards. In “putt-putt,” the sole focus is on a player’s ability to hit a ball and ‘putt’ the golf ball into a hole. The player, however, needs to ensure that they don’t hit the ball too hard, such that it knocks clear to the other side. To create a similar environment of a typical golf course, there are artificial surfaces like carpet in a volcano-shaped terrain with artificial obstacles like rocks, caves, ramps, tunnels, tubes and windmills.

If you are looking for exciting miniature golf courses, along with suitable real estate rental options at the Jersey Shore, Castaway Cove Miniature Golf at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, Point Pleasant, is highly recommended. Castaway Cove features two courses, where one goes through waterfalls to the caves of the cove and another that gives you a perfect view of the boardwalk. With that, go ahead and make your choice for an unforgettable holiday!